Example files from Martha Zink

Martha has kindly posted details and example files to go with the techniques she demoed last month. Thanks Martha!

Sept 26 – Martha Zink

Ideas for Enhancing Your Existing Solution With the Latest Features

With every version of FileMaker, new features show up that make for easier development and better user experience. Oftentimes, we face resistance to upgrading an existing solution. This session explores the benefit of keeping up with the newest version, especially FileMaker 11. Discover ways to review existing solutions and decide what features can and should be updated with newer techniques. Also, this session will review features specific to FileMaker 11, like script triggers, filtered portals, quick find, and snapshot links, that greatly enhance the user experience while decreasing the development time.

The only word to describe Martha is awesome. She’s known at MightyData as “The Kid,” but this kid doesn’t kid around with her passion and enthusiasm for technology. Fluent in English and Spanish, Martha brings her fresh perspective and keen sense for nuance in developing FileMaker databases. Her customers include Apple, Inc., Baylor College of Medicine, and Maneri-Agraz. She is the creator of the “11 Days of FileMaker 11″ video series and a speaker at the road shows for FileMaker 10 and 11 for FileMaker, Inc. She is both a FileMaker 11 Authorized Trainer and Certified Developer.

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Off to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks and a bite after the meeting.

Martha Zink

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Aug 22 – DevCon Wrap Up

Join us as we discuss the highlights of the 2011 DevCon in SanDiego. Seattle was well represented, so if you didn’t make it to the show you’ll likely learn a lot from those who did. If you did go, come share your thoughts, what you learned, and your feelings about the future of FileMaker.

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July 25 – Court Bowman on CCPivot

Court Bowman from FileMaker Platinum firm Cleveland Consulting will be here to talk about CCPivot, their latest tool for FileMaker reporting. CCPivot makes use of some cutting edge stuff and easily attaches to other solutions.

We’ll be heading to Paddy Coyne’s for a bite afterwards.

More on CCPivot here: http://www.clevelandconsulting.com/cc_pivot/

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Off to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks and a bite after the meeting.

Court Bowman
Cleveland Consulting

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June 20 – FileMaker Go Offline: GoZync

Todd Geist of Geist Interactive and John Sindelar of SeedCode discuss their new “sync” framework for FileMaker Go: GoZync. We’ll be talking about the challenges of syncing offline data entry with your hosted files, the GoZync framework in particular, and the joys of “going local”: building local, offline, versions of your FileMaker Go solutions.

More on GoZync here: http://www.seedcode.com/gozync

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Todd Geist
geist interactive

John Sindelar

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May 23 – DocuBin

Michael Gaslowitz, creator of DocuBin, will be here from 360Works to talk about what DocuBin does, how it works, and some of the design and development decisions that went into making it.

Even if you’re not looking for an asset management solution, DocuBin is one of the most well realized commercial FMP solutions and we can all learn a lot from it.

Should be a great presentation.

More on DocuBin here: http://360works.com/filemaker-document-management/

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Pizza generously provided by Dwayne Wright if you RSVP, then to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks and a bite.

Michael Gaslowitz

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Mar 28 – N Power

Bruce Robertson – N Power

Originally planned for PauseOnError, Bruce will be presenting the latest developments in his virtual list technique, including the use of arrays, repeating fields, and repeating variables to take these lists in new directions.

A key technique for wan optimization, and for building sexy displays, this is not to be missed.

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Bruce Robertson

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Feb 28 – PauseOnError Recap

Those of us who made it out to Pause will be talking about the event, what we saw, and what we thought we saw.

Should be a great meeting.

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Pizza, etc. if you RSVP, then to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks and a bite.

Jan 24

Happy New Year!

We’ll be getting together for our first meeting of the year this Monday, the 24th at 6pm. Same place: Group Health Cooperative in South Lake Union.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other so we’ll just have a roundtable discussion about what’s new, what we’ve been working on, and anything of interest in FileMaker generally. If you have something you’re particularly proud of, or something driving you crazy, bring it along.

We’ll head to Paddy Coynes’s afterwards to continue the conversation.

Hope to see you all there!

Nov 22 – Informal at the Pub


With the holidays around the corner we’re not going to have any more regular FMPug meetings this year…

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get together. We’ll be at Paddy Coyne’s on Monday the 22nd for an informal get together, screen share, and the usual FileMaker Q&A / gossip.

Paddy Coyne’s is in Seattle just up the street from where we usually meet: http://www.paddycoynes.net/locations.php

This is informal, but we’ll be getting there about 7pm.

Hope to see everyone there!

- John