June 5 – Tools, Tips and Tales of development with FileMaker 12

Overview. Vincenzo Menanno and Donovan Chandler of Beezwax will be speaking.

Inspector Pro 4 … Rebuilding in FileMaker 12 for incredible results

The soon-to-be-released Inspector Pro 4 is not just a tool for analyzing FileMaker 12 solutions. It’s also a complex FileMaker 12 database itself, rewritten from the ground up using FileMaker Pro 12 and Beezwax’s FOCUS framework to provide marked improvements in looks, usability and speed.

Vince Menanno, creator of Inspector Pro 4, will demo the new version — including how such a tool can help you in your day to day development work with FileMaker 12. He will also discuss the advantages of rebuilding a database in FileMaker 12, rather than simply converting. One of the most impressive changes with the Inspector Pro 4 is 2x to 20x speed improvement at which it can process and import a FileMaker DDR. Vince will show how his development team achieved this performance improvement, and rebuilt the user interface in FileMaker 12. Vince will make special note of FileMaker 12’s ExecuteSQL feature, and how it provides benefits like drastically reducing the number of table occurrences in a solution.

Vince is director of FileMaker development for Beezwax, and a FileMaker certified developer for versions 8, 9, 10 and 11.

FileMaker Development using an external text editor (TextMate)

Did you know that it’s possible to generate and modify FileMaker objects with an external text editor? Donovan Chandler will show you how, using his free TextMate bundle for FileMaker. You’ll also learn how the same text editor can help you format calculations and manipulate the CSS styling of FileMaker 12 layouts.

Donovan is a senior developer for Beezwax, leading large client projects, and contributing to development of the FOCUS framework as well as both commercial and open source software products. He is a FileMaker certified developer for versions 8, 9, 10 and 11.

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Vincenzo Menanno


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