Oct 24: Jason Thomas: Everything starts with a sale

Everything starts with a sale

Everyone sells, every day. So many consultants talk about sales as if they are a mystery, something just outside of your control. It’s not. As an in-house developer you may not even realize you’re selling. You owe it to yourself to build skills that allow you to choose which projects to pursue and sell your ideas. This session will focus on identifying specific tactics that bring sales closer your control and make selling more predictable. We will look closely at how to manage incoming requests for your services as both an in-house and developer for hire. You’ll walk away with new knowledge and specific actions to improve your sales process.

‘Sales’ is not a bad word so we might as well embrace the opportunity to put our best foot forward and shine.

After the presentation, there will be time for a more technical discussion, so also bring you FileMaker questions.

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Off to Paddy Coyne’s for drinks and a bite after the meeting.

Jason Thomas
Skeleton Key

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