360Works makes cool plug-ins

Nobody wrote up our March 2009 meeting, so a belated retroactive “thanks” to Jesse Barnum of 360Works who demonstrated many cool things you can’t do in FileMaker – unless you have the right plug-in! Among the demos:

  • Install plug-ins onto your users desktops without having to touch their computer or even restart FileMaker
  • Super-easy audit logging with FileMaker 10 script triggers, with color-coded changes highlighted
  • Search the text of PDF documents inside FileMaker
  • Grab files and images from a MySQL database, gmail account, and FTP server
  • Suck the contents of a web page and all of its images into FileMaker fields
  • Send an HTML-formatted e-mail message, with a link to trigger a FileMaker script from the email viewer

Check it out: www.360works.com

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