FileMaker Script Triggers Workshop

Mark your calendars for May 18th, 2010! Geoff Coffey will be our guest speaker this month, and once again he will be sharing one of his FileMaker Developer Conference sessions. Geoff will be presenting two sessions at DevCon in August 2010: “Practical Script Triggers” and “Script Triggers Workshop”.

Here in Phoenix, we’ll have the good fortune to participate in Geoff’s workshop session months before Read More

Creating and Deploying Custom Menus in FileMaker Pro

Join us on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010, and learn to harness the power of Custom Menus with world-renowned FileMaker trainer, Jerry Robin!

Custom Menus allow us to modify and enhance FileMaker’s menus, making the menus more meaningful and appropriate for different users.

Custom Menus can:

  • Hide certain commands from users
  • Give users easier access to commands
  • Include a script as a Read More

Special Product Briefing: Getting the Most Out of the FileMaker 11 Product Line

On March 16, 2010, our guests will be Alexei Folger (Senior Systems Engineer), and Glen Suarez (Business Account Manager) from FileMaker, Inc.

Please register using the link provided as space is limited. Your registration will be especially appreciated and will help us in planning for food and refreshments! Register Now!

In Read More

Getting the Most Out of the FileMaker Product Line

On March 16, 2010, our guests will be Alexei Folger (Senior Systems Engineer), and Glen Suarez (Business Account Manager) from FileMaker, Inc.

Please join us for an in-depth discussion about how to get the most out of the FileMaker product line.

In this meeting, we’ll get an update on FileMaker, discuss some of our current issues, and have some of our most pressing FileMaker questions answered.

Whether you are new to Read More

Developing and Marketing Your FileMaker Solution and What Do You Want From Your User Group?

Developing and Marketing Your Solution

Let’s talk about what it takes to develop and market commercial FileMaker solutions. We have quite a few members who have launched vertical-market solutions and a lot of members who would like to learn more about how it’s done. If you’ve got a successful vertical-market solution, please join us and share your product(s) and your expertise. If you don’t have Read More

Hourly vs. Project vs. Valued-Based Billing

Just before and just after our November Phoenix FMPug meeting, we touched on what I’m calling the “Value-Based Billing Controversy”. It was an interesting, albeit brief dialogue, and (for a number of reasons) I thought it would make a great topic for a future meeting.

So, on Tuesday, December 15th, we’ll be having an open and friendly discussion about billing methods. I hope you can join us!

If Read More

SQL in FileMaker, Demystified

On Tuesday, November 17th, 2009, Ernest Koe of Proof Group will be giving an in-depth guided tour of FileMaker’s internal SQL API. Among other exciting topics, we’ll be exploring how to get started with SQL, looking at how SQL can radically simplify the relational graph and exploring some very cool interface applications with SQL techniques.

About Ernest

Ernest founded Proof with Steve Ritchie. He is Read More

Special November FileMaker Presentation and Workshop | Outerspace Interface: The Reactor World Tour

The Reactor World Tour is on it’s way! From New Zealand to Tokyo… London… Gothenburg… Sydney… and Phoenix!

Outerspace Interface : Extending Your FileMaker Database UI with Reactor

Impress Users. Save time. Do the impossible: A free presentation and workshop.

The evening blast-offs with an overview of what Reactor is and what it can do… things like full Read More

Geoff Coffey Presents “DRY FileMaker”

Last month at the FileMaker Developer Conference in San Francisco, Geoff Coffey of SixFriedRice presented a session called, “DRY FileMaker: Techniques to Keep Scripts Error-Free and Manageable”.

Everyone in the Phoenix FileMaker Pro Users Group (FMPug/FMugAZ) who attended DevCon was at Geoff’s session (because Geoff is Read More

Geoff Coffey Presents “Practical Script Triggers”

Script triggers are the most powerful and significant feature enhancement in FileMaker Pro 10. Although we’ve waited a long time for script-triggering to be a native feature in FileMaker, implementing script triggers can be frustrating when you’re just getting started.

On Tuesday, June 16th, 2009, Geoff Coffey of Six Fried Rice will be sharing his expertise and showing us how to build more elegant and efficient solutions Read More