FileMaker Fundamentals: Let’s Build a Database!

This month, we will be covering some of the fundamentals of building a simple relational database in FileMaker Pro, plus a couple of cool layout tricks to help make your interfaces better. We will be working on a simple file together (the file will be emailed ahead of time–watch your inbox), so bring your laptops! The presenter will be Ron Greene, a local developer who travels under the cryptic handle of “filemakercowboy”.

Although there will be an agenda for the evening, Ron will be happy to answer questions as they come up and explore topics more in-depth if desired. Heck, maybe we’ll just order drinks and debate the merits of the layout grid.

Ron’s just glad to be away from his desk.

Think of it as one of those fancy two thousand dollar training sessions, but free.

And shorter.

Hope to see you there!

Audrey ❦

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