FileMaker and Cloud Technologies

On June 15th, 2010, will be presenting its FileMaker cloud technologies at our FMPug/FMugAZ meeting. staff will be demonstrating the various technologies it offers to developers and resellers for deploying FileMaker solutions within its worldwide cloud computing architecture, including:

  • FileMaker Hosting – hosting of FileMaker files with FileMaker 11 Cloud Servers.
  • vApp for FileMaker – a native presentation of WorldCloud’s FileMaker client for Windows workgroups and remote desktops (Windows, Mac and iPad compatible) demonstrating that the vApp is the fastest hosted FileMaker solution available.
  • XenApp for FileMaker – a native presentation of WorldCloud’s FileMaker client for cross-platform workgroups.
  • Technology Highlights – will provide a brief overview of this year’s technology highlights, including the upcoming exhibit at the 2010 FileMaker Developer Conference in August.
  • Giveaways and special offers for meeting attendees.

The presentation will be introduced by Karen Izbinski, Media Relations and Eastern Regional Sales Director. Karen is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, a long-time digital media artist, a developer and is also the publisher of the Quarter Bound Press.

About provides dedicated servers and data-centers for experienced administrators and developers. Their various nodes of presence around the world allows your solution to be deployed in their global Internet cloud.  Developers can select from several pre-built servers and operating systems or WorldCloud can provide your own virtual data-center. With virtual data-centers, developers can build and control multiple servers within their own resource pool. WorldCloud’s exciting new vApp technology allows for complete end-to-end Client/Server hosting of your solution, streamed to your workgroup desktops… anywhere… globally. This is the fastest hosted FileMaker solution available. provides the infrastructure for many leading FileMaker businesses, developers and hosting companies.

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