February 11th: FileMaker 10, fmSpark & NinjaCal

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Ernest Koe will be presenting an under-the-hood session on Proof’s mail-merge solution, fmSpark and their latest must-have for FileMaker developers, NinjaCal, a super-easy-to-integrate native FileMaker calendar widget. The session will cover a range of topics including scripting practices, quasi-MVC design, and the object-model architecture.

We are also pleased to announce that Rosemary Tietge, Systems Engineer for FileMaker, Inc. will be joining us to present some of the new FileMaker 10 features. More to follow on this soon.

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Proof is a full service database and web software company. We design, develop, manage, deploy and support mission critical software systems for organizations of all types and sizes. We are always interested in undertaking challenging projects, but we are proudest of our deep experience serving clients in the education and non-profit sectors.

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Have a question for Ernest or Rosemary, something you’d like to see covered? Leave a comment below and we’ll ask it during the meeting…

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