July 28: JavaScript is taking over the world!

Put on your big programmer’s pants this month, ’cause we’re gonna get geeky!

We’ve been hearing about a new technology in FileMaker 19 for extending the capabilities of your solutions. While Javascript does indeed look quite a bit more like REAL programming, its inclusion in FileMaker means that you can dabble and learn at your own pace while creating ever more impressive functionality. Now, since many of you asked to learn more about it, we found a great speaker who has been focusing his time on helping FileMaker developers make the leap to JavaScript as easily as possible.

Jeremy Brown of Geist Interactive will get you started down the right path to explore JavaScript in the FileMaker context. Jeremy is convinced that any FileMaker developer can learn JavaScript, so if you give it some time, you’ll produce great things. Jeremy will introduce you to some JS concepts you need to know (though you already know them from your FileMaker work). He’ll lead you in some basic exercises, and demonstrate how to work with JavaScript libraries. Check out this page to review some resources, and bring your questions about JavaScript and FileMaker.

Join us online! Click below to register for a link to be emailed to you before the meeting.

This month: Tuesday, July 28th (Our usual 4th Tuesday)
Sign-on and discussions begin at 12:30
Presentations from 1:00 to 3:00 (-ish)

At: Online*
Register for instructions at http://www.kyfmp.com/reg/
Join in the discussion:
sign up for our listserv at http://fmpug.com/mailman/listinfo/louisville_fmpug.com
*Pants optional, pajamas permitted, bring lunch for everyone at your location

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