March 2020: Our First Virtual Meet-Up

We thought we would finally jump on the bandwagon and follow the latest fad.

These newfangled virtual meet-up thingies are taking the country by storm, so who are we to buck the trend? Until further notice, when you register for a meeting you will be sent instructions for logging in at the appropriate time. Join us on this new adventure! (Annnnd we already have our first registration from California. Boy, are they going to save a lot on gas!)

So what are we going to cover this month? Well, first up Martin Ramsay will regale us with tales of his exploits in xmChart, the cool charting tool that grabs the charting ball from out of FileMaker’s grubby little paws and runs away with it. The FileMaker add-on offers greater graphic capabilities including more charting types, colors and options and much more. Martin will demo xmChart’s powerful scripting language and show off some of the more interesting visualizations he has created for his clients. He also will delve into his philosophy of parameter-driven charts.

Following that up will be coverage of the latest product from the company formerly known as FileMaker, Inc. “Claris Connect” is a new integration tool created by a company that they bought last year. Claris Connect easily strings together a variety of online and database resources (including everyone’s favorite database tool) to create custom workflows that perform complex activities. After some intro videos from Claris, Jonathan Fletcher will build a real-world integration example involving a popular online emailing platform and FileMaker, and talk about his impressions of who CC might be for.

See you online!

This month: Tuesday, March 24th (Our usual 4th Tuesday)
Gather and discussions at 12:30
Presentations from 1:00 to 3:00 (-ish)

At: Online
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