2020 Vision

It’s a new year and a new decade, but it’s still the same old Kentuckiana FileMaker Developers Group. We’ll continue to have the same eclectic mix of the totally geeky, FileMaker-centric, and whatever tech subject you feel applies to the day. We’ll continue to meet the Fourth Tuesday of each month and will continue to be a BYOBB* kind of event. So, more of the same.

This month, we have two presentations.

First up we’ll hear from Dave (Sully) Sullivan of Mandelbrot LLC in suburban Chicago. Sully will demonstrate for us his explorations of Twilio’s APIs for various communications functions. With features for voice, text and automation, Twilio exposes its abilities through an array of APIs that allow any application to take advantage of them. So, from within FileMaker you can send texts, set notifications/alerts, get carrier info for a number, set up voicemail systems, route calls, leave voicemails, and combinations of the above that open up even more possibilities for automated communication.

Also, we’ll have a demonstration on picking a found set from multiple criteria from multiple fields. We will see a demonstration on an outside-the-box solution that uses a variety of FileMaker techniques with a page of predefined dynamic values that allows the user to drill down to just the records they need, no matter how complicated the criteria get.

This month: Tuesday, January 28th (Our usual 4th Tuesday)
Gather at 12:00pm for BYOBB*
Presentations from 1:00 to 3:00

At: Universal Design
1234 South Third Street (in the heart of Old Louisville)

Register at http://www.kyfmp.com/reg/

Join in the discussion:
sign up for our listserv at http://fmpug.com/mailman/listinfo/louisville_fmpug.com
*BYOBB: Bring Your Own Brown Bag

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