Functions and Selections

This month we have two presentations, one by our very own Brent Hedden and one by the illustrious Matt Petrowsky.

Brent will continue his series on using and combining functions to accomplish a variety of tasks in our scripts and calculations, including his favorite new functions in FM18.

Matt will show us his technique for selecting multiple items in a list or portal for actions of several records at once, to make selections more like what we have in Mac and Windows file lists.

And an extra special bonus this month: we are giving away a 3-month subscription to Matt’s FileMaker Magazine library of FileMaker educational videos. You get unlimited access to his catalog going back over a decade. You will also get notifications and access to any new videos he releases during the period of your membership.

See you on the 24th!

Once again on our usual 4th Tuesday:
Tuesday, September 24th
Gather at 12:00pm for a BYOBB* lunch
Presentations from 1:00 to 3:00

Universal Design
1234 South Third Street (in the heart of Old Louisville)

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