Tectonic Change

Just ONE more. We promise. Pinky swear!

Long-time FileMaker developer Brian Ginn has wowed us recently with his recounting of his journey from FileMaker solution to native iOS app. Finally, this month he will arrive at his destination, the iOS App Store. He’ll regale us with tales of his brave running the feared App Store gauntlet. He’ll keep us on the edge of our seats recounting the trials and errors that make the intrepid developer’s first contact with the strange and alien App Store Approval process such a daunting task. You won’t want to miss the exciting conclusion to the spine-tingling saga of his experience with “going native.”

Many of you now know that some major changes occurred in the FileMaker world last week. A new CEO introduced. A new name revealed. A new product added to the mix. Exciting stuff. We’re going to review the goings on at last week’s FileMaker Developer Conference and explore how it’s going to affect all of us who live in their world. We will have eyewitness accounts, demos and highlights from the most eventful DevCon to happen in, oh, the whole history of the FileMaker platform.

See you on the 27th!

Once again on our usual 4th Tuesday:
Tuesday, August 27th
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