The Elegance You Didn’t Expect

Spring! (Need we say more?)

We’ve found that FileMaker people generally fall into two camps: those who have played around with the platform’s web technology and found it cumbersome, clunky and hard to get to work well, and those who think they understand it enough, but deign to eschew it because it’s not “real web.”

Well, this month’s speaker is neither: to him, WebDirect is a very powerful tool in his kit for serving serious mobile-platform customer needs.

Jonn Howell has been into FileMaker for longer than any of us mere mortals. He has done work for companies of all kinds including several Fortune 100 companies that you would recognize, is a long-time educator (he used to run a legendary side business called “FileMaker Bootcamp”) and has presented topics at Devcon a total of NINETEEN times!

From his secret mountain-top lair in smokey Northern California, Jonn has been developing a presentation that he calls “Elegant WebDirect” and will be presenting it to the DevCon in Germany this June, and is hoping to get the nod to air it at the FileMaker Inc’s stateside conference in August in Orlando. (Word is not back yet, but he will know by the time our meeting rolls around.) That the majority of his installed solutions for major corporate clients are mostly WebDirect makes him the expert wild WebDirect tamer to call!

Howell will demonstrate the best ways to plan, architect and build solutions for optimal performance and functionality when accessed with WebDirect. In addition to demonstrating his favorite tips and tricks for getting WebD to sing, he will finish up with a list of resources for enhancing your own WebDirect continuing education.

Holding all the usual qualifications of the typical renaissance man: a trained engineer, animal lover, musician, educator, thinker, big-time FileMaker lover and general all around nice-guy (he made us to say that last part), makes him the perfect speaker to kick off our Spring series.

And we, the lowly Kentuckiana FileMaker Developer’s group get to see it live and in person, FIRST! Yes, we are the first stop on his pre-conference tour to fine-tune this presentation. We get to learn about Jonn Howell’s explorations into pushing the boundaries of WebDirect before ANYONE else!

Come on out and give Jonn a big hearty welcome-to-Louisville greeting!

This month, our usual 4th Tuesday:
Tuesday, March 26th
Gather at 12:00pm for a BYOBB* lunch
Presentation from 1:00 to 3:00

Universal Design
1234 South Third Street (in the heart of Old Louisville)

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