Server Sanity and The Future

If you have attempted to work with the latest version of FileMaker’s powerful server product, you’ve probably been struck with a good bit of disorientation. FileMaker changed nearly EVERYTHING. On top of totally redesigning the UI, they actually moved some key features out to their new “Admin API” and some things even to the command line interface. That means that none of those features are simply a button away anymore. You need to either learn to type a lot in a terminal window, or use one of the several third-party tools that make great use of the new (but powerful) Admin API.

Alan Bird has trod that ground and has some stories about his journey and a demo of the tool he finally chose to reveal the hidden secrets of FileMaker Server 17. If you ever plan to have anything to do with Server 17, you need to learn from Alan’s experience.

Well, the abraded skin is barely healed over on our hypothetical knuckles due to the massive changes wrought in FileMaker 17, and the Mothership is already talking about where the platform is headed next. More changes are in the offing, but we think you’ll appreciate the boldness and creative thought that has gone into their germination. We’ll watch a show of their favorite things, including broad hints of turns further down the road, along with some head-scratchers to ruminate on.

FM “Next” is shaping up to be just as big a step forward as 17 was. Come check out what to expect a mere 6 months from now.

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