We turn 100 and FileMaker turns 17

We turn 100

So, what do we call it: “century?” “Centi-something-or-other?” Anyway, the point is that it’s been 99 meetings since Byron Songer, Brian Ginn and Jonathan Fletcher had this crazy idea to start a user group dedicated to Filemaker. There were already a bunch around the country, and we hooked up with FMPUG for meeting listings and a blog page.

As part of an effort to get a handle on what a user group might entail, our intrepid triumvirate even took a road trip to St. Louis to check out a group there. A chance meet-up with Alan Bird resulted in his gracious offer of his meeting room for our gatherings. For a while, we enjoyed the brilliance of engineer-developer Bill Holt, until his health eventually failed him. Today Alan and Jonathan are left holding the reins of the group administration and try to come up with something to talk about each month that is interesting and helpful to a variety of users.
Our first meeting was in November of 2009 when we coordinated with a release of a new FileMaker Version and kicked off the group with a bang thanks to the gracious help of FileMaker Business Account Manager Bill Kaiser. Kaiser reserved some hotel meeting room space and paid for pizza and, most importantly, sent a note out to every registered FM user in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. That initial burst of attendance (and an occasional FileMaker-boost-up) created a membership momentum that has lasted us almost nine years (so far, so good). Yeah, we’ve missed a few months along the way, and we are nowhere near the longevity of some of the groups around the country, but ONE HUNDRED meetings is a pretty cool milestone.

FileMaker turns 17

So, in addition to a month-a-versary observance, and in honor of yet another major iteration of our favorite data-focused productivity tool, we are going to celebrate with a handful of demos of FileMaker 17’s new features.

First up, Brian Ginn will demo a methodology that he has been working on for a long time that allows him to create solutions in a fraction of the time it normally would have taken him. He will show us how the new Default Fields feature in FMPA 17 makes setting up his unique field nomenclature a breeze.

After that, we will survey the best FM 17 demos available online. Then we’ll have a question and answer session where you’ll get to ask your burning FM 17 questions. (We can’t promise to be able to answer everything, but unanswered questions would make for some great future meeting topics, don’t you think?)

Come join us for our momentous milestone meeting, share stories of our history, remember a lost member, and learn about the tool we’ll be talking about for the next year.

The Syndicate.

This month, a not-so-usual FIFTH Tuesday:
Tuesday, May 29th
12:00 – 3:00pm – BYOBBUniversal Design
1234 South Third Street (in the heart of Old Louisville)

Register at http://www.kyfmp.com/reg/
Join in the discussion:
sign up for our listserv at http://fmpug.com/mailman/listinfo/louisville_fmpug.com
*BYOBB: Bring Your Own Brown Bag

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