And Now, LIVE From the Firth of Forth!

Our special guest this month hails to us via the magic of the interwebs from the lovely banks of the Fabulously Famous Firth of Forth ™. Right away the geographically astute of you will know that we are talking about Scotland, land of Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, Karen Gillan, Craig Ferguson and the alter egos of comedians everywhere.

[As Dirty Harry so famously used to query, "You've got to ask yourself: 'Do you like Scottish accents?' Well, do ya, punk?"]

Well, whether or not you fall under the spell of an authentic brogue or not, Kevin Miller is the real deal. As CEO of LiveCode Ltd., a software company based in Edinburgh, Kevin leads the development of a cross-platform app-building tool called, surprisingly enough, “LiveCode.”

Employing its own easy-to-learn programming language, LiveCode allows you to develop native apps across 7 different OS platforms using a point-and-click interface not unlike the FileMaker scripting and calculation environments we’ve all come to know and love.

In addition, the software gurus at LiveCode have brought that world even closer to FileMaker with their new LiveCode for FM – which allows users to access the LiveCode environment from right within FileMaker, to extend their solutions and to provide additional functionality that is only dreamed of in native FileMaker.

Miller will demonstrate for us just how easy it is to create our own new tools from within the intimate confines of our favorite productivity workshop.

As usual, the absolute best in good, clean geeky fun!

Now, with accents!

See you next Tuesday!

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