Ring In the New

In honor of a Kentuckian’s favorite way to start a conversation, just let us say, “How about that weather, y’all!”

And the weather isn’t the only thing that is warming up. Business indicators all over point to a new confidence in the economy, be it hiring, ordering, capital spending, or even gas prices. It looks like it’s going to be a good year for business. And that bodes well for creators of systems that enable businesses to grow faster and be more efficient.

This month we will look at one of the two main uses for FileMaker in business. The first being, of course, collecting and massaging data. But the other is just as important and applies maybe even more to the efficient running of a business: workflow.

There are tools that help a business keep track of its processes and help all employees stay in the flow of the work at hand as a cohesive, effective team. Any firm that is in the marketplace to provide a widget or a service has some kind of process where the work flows through from uptake to output.

    A manufacturing company takes in orders, obtains the raw materials, schedules the various stages of the creation process, packages it up and ships it out the door.
    An advertising company takes orders for an “insertion,” negotiates with the media outlet, creates the content, gathers a variety of approvals from the stakeholders, sends the ad copy or spot or artwork to the outlet, tracks that it actually ran as contracted, and analyses the impact of that ad on the target market of their client.
    A foundation that is in the business of giving out money solicits applications, processes the applications (and often a mountain of accompanying supporting material), collates and tracks all the materials, organizes the review process, tracks reviewer impressions, gathers a spate of approvals, notifies the recipients, and tracks how the money is used to benefit the goals of the foundation.
    A private school or post-secondary institution hosts a series of application stages, communicates several times with the prospective student, coordinates the student’s arriving on campus and shepherds the student through the myriad details of matriculation.

These are just a few examples of sequential workflows all around us. A tool that can systematize such a workflow and improve customer (and employee!) satisfaction is invaluable to the efficient, effective operation of a business.

Does anyone know of such a tool?

You do? Cheater.

This month we look at workflows in all their glory, including some real-world examples produced by fellow members.

So, mark your calendar, ask your boss for some professional development time Tuesday afternoon, get in your car, pick up lunch on the way, show up at 1234 S. Third Street at noon, enter the building, say hi to all your friends that share your passion for business efficiency, and enjoy!

This month, we’re back to our regular fourth Tuesday:
Tuesday, January 24th
12:00 – 1:00pm – BYOBB
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