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In light of the fact that this month has a rare extra day, we decided to compensate by turning up the dial just a bit on this month’s presentations.

Remember last month when we mentioned that some of our members were going up to Cleveland in March for the mini-developers-conference known as Pause on Error? Well, as it turns out, three of our crowd (so far) are going so as to to represent Kentuckiana in a big way. And that’s not all! TWO of our intrepid journey-persons are actually on the conference’s schedule for presentations! As far as we know, no other city in the world is being represented so well. (Well, in numbers anyway.)

Why do you care? Well, we’re glad you asked that! It’s because those two brave souls will be giving a preview of their presentations to you, our loyal members, this month! (Even if you’re not so loyal, fear not: we’ll still let you come.)

Brent Hedden will be showing how he saved the University of Louisville a bunch of money by virtualizing several instances of FileMaker Server on just a couple of server boxes. Now, if you don’t know what virtualization is (in this context), it means that you can install multiple operating system instances on one computer and have them all think that they are the only ones on the machine. That means that a small company can leverage their investment in their hardware by getting more “bang-for-their-buck.” (As the Pilgrims used to say, “Several computers on one piece of hardware? What manner of witchcraft is this!”) Well, the truly scary part is that that magic is made possible by a nifty piece of FREE software. Brent’s prestiditation will show you just how to work such legerdemain. If you ever chant incantations (with or without the chicken blood) over FileMaker Server, you need to see this!

Jonathan Fletcher, OTOH, is experimenting with an exciting new approach to managing his table occurrences on the Relationship Graph. A relatively new way of arranging TOs on the Graph that has been getting some traction lately, “Selector-Connector” is a whole new way of looking at all those relationships and, ideally, drastically reducing the number of them required to get the job done. Jonathan has been attempting to take the concept to new levels of ease and flexibility and has discovered some exciting new techniques that, he says, have impressed him quite a bit. (Truth be told, Jonathan impresses pretty easily, so don’t trust his word for it, come on out and see for yourself!)

Again, both of these presentations will be on display in all their glory next month before a crowd of raucous and unforgiving FileMaker developers from all over the world. So come out this month and do some jeering and heckling. Because Brent and Jonathan need the practice.

Tuesday. Same place. Same time. Slightly higher setting on the geek-o-meter.

–Your DevGroup DevOps DevTeam

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