Warm up to FileMaker

Well, FINALLY it got cold. Good thing! As everyone knows the 13th law of thermodynamics (the Conservation of Winter Energy, posited by Albert Einstein’s smarter brother, Brilliant) insists that we’ll have a really harsh rest of the winter to compensate for the “free ride” we’ve had so far. We would have hated to see the glaciers that would be forming in our driveways in February if the actual winter hadn’t gotten underway soon.

So now, it’s our second favorite time of the year: the time we huddle together for warmth and swap nostalgic yarns about our favorite rapid application development platform! And cocoa. Got to have cocoa. You know, with the little marshmallows in it? Yeah.

And this month, as part of our occasional series on FileMaker in the Real World, member Dr. David Geller will talk about how he uses FileMaker to streamline and systematize business processes in his surgery practice.

Next up: Brent Hedden will show us what the Base64 functions are all about. Did you know that you could save any kind of file, including a photo, as a long (long) string of text? Yep, you could then send it to someone, and upon receipt they could decode it back into the original file. Lots of uses for that one. Brent will show you how easy and how useful that is. Using FileMaker, natch.

Also, Jonathan Fletcher will show us three basic and/or easy ways to create new related records, including at least one really nifty one you probably never considered that will create related records for you totally without making you get up and leave the cozy comfort of your main layout.

And, totally FileMaker, but just not KENTUCKIANA FileMaker, it’s time once again for the national FileMaker “un-conference” known as Pause On Error. This conference, put on by members of the developer community at large with no input or support from FM, Inc., draws the top FileMaker gurus from across the country to hone their skills at presenting and showing off the latest techniques they are working on.

An inexpensive and very informal alternative to the major production that is the official FileMaker Developers Conference, “Pause” allows anyone to create a presentation, reserve one of the halls and present it to whoever shows up. That makes it a more eclectic, a more cutting edge, a more interesting, and, yes, a slightly more rowdy little brother of a conference.

Past Pauses have been held in Portland and New York and have all sold out quickly, but this year it’s being held in Cleveland (just one state over!). The dates are March 13, 14, 15 and registration slots are still available at http://pausecleveland2016.wikispaces.com.

And rumor has it that others of the KYFMDev community might be going, so let us know if you’re interested and we might be able to get a “party van” for the trek.

Regardless, See you next Tuesday.

–Your DevGroup team

Our normal day and venue:
Tuesday, January 26th (Back to the usual 4th Tuesday)
12:00 – 1:00pm – BYOBB*
1:00 – 3:00pm – Presentations and discussion
Universal Design
1234 South Third Street (in the heart of Old Louisville)

Register at http://www.kyfmp.com/reg/
Join in the discussion: sign up for our listserv at http://fmpug.com/mailman/listinfo/louisville_fmpug.com

*BYOBB: Bring Your Own Brown Bag (Soft drinks–and cocoa–provided)

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