It’s Here!

FileMaker 14 has hit the streets!
After months of speculation about what new features it might include and when, exactly, it might drop, FileMaker, Inc., has released yet another version of everyone’s favorite productivity enhancing development platform. And, yes, there is much to admire about our shiny new toy. Join us this month as users who have spent some time with FileMaker 14 share their impressions, awe, wonder, and even their frustrations with what they have found.

And, surprisingly enough (hmm, maybe not), June’s meeting will be all about “14″ as well [you might want to go ahead and resign yourself to this being a pretty common occurrence from now on], only then the presentation will be co-hosted by the FileMaker “mothership.” Regional Business Account Manager, Mark Ringo, and Consulting Engineer Rosemary Tietge, (she, all the way from Santa Clara, California) will be giving us the OFFICIAL scoop on all the latest goodies that 14 has to offer.


Next week’s meeting will be on the usual 4th Tuesday (26th) at the usual 1234 S. Third Street, at the usual 12:00 noon. If you’ve found something interesting in FileMaker 14 come share it your Fellow FileMaker Fourteen Friends.

June’s meeting has been subjected to a displacement in the time-space continuum as it will be on the 3rd Tuesday (16th) instead of the usual 4th Tuesday and will be held at the brand new, high-tech Renaissance Academy in Clarksville, IN, instead of the South Third Street Mansion. The agenda will be be the same though, with lunch at 12:00 and presentations starting at 1:00. Lunch is provided this time, however, so no need to bring your brown bag this time. (You might want save that peanut butter and jelly for another special occasion.)

We’ll include directions in our next notice, but mark the date: June 16th. In addition, you, and over a thousand of your closest FileMaker friends from all over southern Indiana and Kentucky (that happened to have registered their copies of FileMaker), will be getting an additional notice from FMI promoting this event.To recap:

1. Mark the dates
2. Join us
3. Learn about 14!

See you Tuesday! (And another Tuesday next month.)

–The Executive Suite

At our usual scheduled time and place (except for June):

Tuesday, May 26th (Our regular fourth Tuesday of the month!)
Tuesday, June 16th Third Tuesday!

12:00 – 1:00pm – BYOBB*
1:00 – 3:00pm – “Presentations
1234 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40203 (May)

Renaissance Academy, Clarksville, IN (June)

RSVP for the JUNE event only is at

Join in the discussion: sign up for our listserv at

*BYOBB = “Bring Your Own Brown Bag” (Soft drinks provided.) [Lunch provided for June meeting.]

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