iPad/iPhone/Touch Development for the Rest of Us

By popular demand (and due to yesterday’s upgrade of FileMaker Go) our meeting this month will focus on the easiest way to create apps that run on the your favorite iOS device.

Our good buddy, FileMaker Business Rep, Bill Kaiser said recently that he has never been called in to talk to so many Fortune 500 companies as he has in the past several months. And it’s all because of the iPad.

[BTW, Apple just announced that they sold every last iPad they can manufacture, and that the ONLY reason why they didn't sell more was because they couldn't make any more. Good problem to have! That also means that as iPad adoption skyrockets more and more businesses will be wanting to explore putting their data on the iPad.]

Rising up out of center stage bathed in a pool of light: FileMaker Go.

Companies are realizing that they can create their apps for the iPad and totally bypass Apple’s app approval process and distribute functionality to their employees and customers almost immediately. This month we’re going to talk about how to do that.

Adding to the flurry of interest in FileMaker Go are new features that will make Go even more attractive: charting, signature capture, better PDF creation, and (Byron’s favorite) printing! Byron says that that means now it’s a real app. Good-natured sarcasm aside, these new features will only make Go more attractive as the mobile power tool of choice for lots of businesses.

The aforementioned Byron (Songer), who happens to be our resident guru of all things Apple (and is an interface design savant as well), will give us an overview of how to create content for the iPad, along with some guidelines for efficient user interface design.

Jonathan Fletcher will delve a little deeper into the various ways FileMaker data can best be used on the iPad with a special focus on the new functionality added by FileMaker Go 1.2.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about the exciting new world that Apple and FileMaker have opened up to us: Having your data and taking it with you as well.

Don’t miss this special discussion. Data on the Go. This month at the Kentuckiana FileMaker Users Group.

12:00-1:00 BYOBB (Bring Your Own Brown Bag) lunch and social (soft drinks provided)
1:00-3:00 Discussing the easiest way to put apps on an iDevice
3:00-? Networking

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 (Fourth Tuesday of the month from now on)

Universal Design
1234 S. Third Street
Louisville, KY

Map: here

Join us on the 26th!

Info & RSVP: here

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