XML/REST-y Database Manipulation

Brad Stanford came and made quite a presentation on May 3, 2013, about FileMaker and evaluating ways to look at schema and interface in different ways and how to by pass FileMaker’s standard way of handling schema through putting whole records (or databases) in single fields and using repeating fields to store all the fields on a layout so that the layout is only one field with a bunch of repetitions of the same field.  While this was good for stretching the mind and looking at how FileMaker does things, it also brought up a few interesting aspects.  One thing Brad discovered was that FileMaker is much faster at importing a record with one field and 1000 repetitions than it is than it is in importing one record with 1000 fields.  The speed increase is dramatic and has some possible uses in moving data around.  It truly was a presentation to stretch the mind in thinking about how schema, data and the user interface all work together and how we might work around some of those paradigms FileMaker has given us.

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