Monkey Bread Software

Taylor Sharpe spoke to the FMPUG-Dallas Chapter on July 5, 2013, about the Monkey Bread Software (MBS) plugin for FileMaker.   MBS is a Swiss-Army knife of plugins supporting many different utility functions such as encryption, image modification, file manipulation, etc.  The plugin has over 1100 functions and we only had time to go over a examples from each of the different sections.  But we also had a good open discussion about plugins and their advantages and disadvantages.  We had a pretty good crowd in light of it being right in the middle of a long 4th of July weekend for most people.  Thanks for all who came.

XML/REST-y Database Manipulation

Brad Stanford came and made quite a presentation on May 3, 2013, about FileMaker and evaluating ways to look at schema and interface in different ways and how to by pass FileMaker’s standard way of handling schema through putting whole records (or databases) in single fields and using repeating fields to store all the fields on a layout so that the layout is only one field with a bunch of repetitions of the same field.  While this was good for stretching the mind and looking at how FileMaker does things, it also brought up a few interesting aspects.  One thing Brad discovered was that FileMaker is much faster at importing a record with one field and 1000 repetitions than it is than it is in importing one record with 1000 fields.  The speed increase is dramatic and has some possible uses in moving data around.  It truly was a presentation to stretch the mind in thinking about how schema, data and the user interface all work together and how we might work around some of those paradigms FileMaker has given us.

ExecuteSQL – Stephen Sykora

Stephen Sykora and Robert from Harmonic Data came to speak to us about ExecuteSQL on April 5th, 2013.  This is a new feature in FileMaker 12 and now that this version has been out a year, many of us are learning to dive deeper into the new features.  Robert created a sample database that Stephen demonstrated to us to show us how to not only use ExecuteSQL, but how to use it in a reporting table made up of calculations from variables out of a ExecuteSQL function.  It was quite impressive and Robert said he would make it available to anyone wanting a copy.  Just send him an email at

Thank you for everyone who showed up.  We had quite a crowd of 27 people and it was good seeing everyone.  Hope to see you next month!